Program Planning Workshop @UMC Young Leaders Summit

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My good friend Mighty Rasing invited me to the Young Leaders Summit of the United Methodist Church (UMC) at the CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center last October 23, 2013.

He asked me to run a Program Planning workshop, and I willingly obliged.

I woke up very early that morning and took a 2.5 hour leisurely drive from Lagro Quezon City to Tagaytay. Got there in time for breakfast.

CCT Tagaytay CCT Tagaytay

I shared with them the program planning framework of FEBC. It’s a framework that emphasizes the people we want to serve, a faith-goal that involves the transformation of these people, and the partners who will work together on a media project.

The summit gathered together around 30 very bright and promising young UMC leaders from all over the country. These are the cream of the crop among the youth of UMC. They are the leaders of the church in the future.

Who knows, one of them might become bishop one day!

Mighty Rasing

Caloy Mighty MikeI met Mighty Rasing a number of years ago. I was a resource speaker in a youth conference and he was the UMC representative. He’s very intelligent guy, very active and brimming with ideas. We hit it off very quickly. And it did not take long before we started meeting frequently for projects or just for fellowship. A deep friendship grew from there.

He has a deep passion for the youth and an active interest in the social media. He maintains blogs that cover youth leadership and social transformation such as and

He has a radio program called Y-Fi Radio aired on FEBC’s internet radio broadcast for OFWs, Pinoy Connection . And being an Ilocano from Isabela, he does his share for his ‘kababayan’ by doing another radio program, GenY Chronicles that is aired on FEBC’s Santiago City station 1143 DZMR.

He is a fulltime worker at the Young People’s Ministries of the UMC General Board of Discipleship (GBOD). I met his boss, Rev. Mike Ratliff of the GBOD during the summit. Rev. Mike has very high regards for Mighty as well.

Serving the Youth

It was a joy to serve alongside people like Mighty and Mike, who have dedicated their lives to serving the youth, And it would be exciting to see how those young UMC leaders whom they serve would grow in the faith and develop in their ministries in the future.

All for the glory of God!

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